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Anyone can help me

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    plz anyone can help me

    how make check the linearity and shift invarient for the system

    I want to determine whether the system is linear and shift invarientby steps

    g(m,n) = f(m,-1) + f(m,0) + f(m,1)

    g(x) = (integration from +infinety to - infinety) f(x,z) dz

    plz help me
    Thanks alot
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    Re: plz anyone can help me

    Your questions are very unclear!!
    In first equation, what is n?
    What is the "system"?
    You use g for functions in both equations, one with two arguments (integers?) and the other with one (real?). Is there any connection between them?
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    Re: plz anyone can help me

    first m,n is variables but the variable n not appear as a term at the other side from the first equation
    Second this equation not describe a special system

    plz any one help me
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    Re: plz anyone can help me

    anybody here??????????????????
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    Re: plz anyone can help me

    Are these then two different questions? In both of them whether g is linear and/or "shift invarient" depends upon whether f is or is not. Since you haven't told us what f is, we can't answer. If the question was whether g is linear no matter what f is, the answer is "no".
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    Re: plz anyone can help me

    we need check the system overall g and f, both is unknown
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