Anyone coming to IPhO 2005?

  1. Hi, people!
    I'm a bit new to this site, and I was wondering how many of you are coming to the 36th International Physics Olympiad(2005) , which will be held in Salamanca, Spain.
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  3. I was in the 33rd IPHO (2002) in Bali, Indonesia. It was well organized, although I didn't manage to get a medal or a honorable mention. :smile:
  4. You coming this year? Or... should I guess you are already in your 3rd year at a university :)
    Last year in Korea the organization was also good, and we had a lot of fun. What I didn't like is that we always had to go somewhere, as get up at 7:30, have breakfast and GO! :)
  5. No, I would have liked to but I cannot because I have already graduated from University :smile: . Why, were you last year as well? Is this possible?
  6. I am still a student, currently in the 11th grade, and thus there is no problem for me to come to the IPhO. As far as I know you can go to IPhO only if you are LESS then 20 years old + some other rules apply. So I guess you can not go. But, if you speak to the comitee, I think you can come as a guide or sth like that, just observer or don't know who. I know that last year one Korean guy was the guide of the Korean team, while he himself was a participant of IPhO in 2003.
  7. By the way. Did your participation in IPhO help you while applying to the university? :-)
  8. I'm going to come the 2005 ipho in spain, as participant.
  9. where are you from?
    is it your first time at IPhO?
  10. I'm from Israel and This is my first ipho. I'm not nervous or anything, I'm just curious about the process students from other countries have to undergo to get into the olympic team and the way they are treated once they're in.
    Therefore, I'd like you to tell me where you're from and a bit about the filtering process, and the rewards the olympic team gets.
    Other than that, if you'd like to talk, you may contact me via msn messenger (my msn messenger email is
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