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Anyone ever been to NC?

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    I recently found out I got orders to Pope AFB, Nc in Fayetteville. Anyone ever been or lived there and can gimme some good tips, areas to live or stay away from.
    Dx :wink:
    Sure gonna miss Tampa!
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    If you drop the soap, don't bend over to pick it up.

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    Re: Re: Anyone ever been to NC?

    LMFAO! I'll remember that!
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    Boone, NC is a pretty cool town. Some friendly people and ****e. I'm not sure where nfayetville is but...
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I have spent a fair amount of time in Charlotte. Cool town! Tampa will be hard to beat though. One improvement is that the mosquitos are only half as large as a bird of prey; unlike Tampa.
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    Stay away from Fayetteville...
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    I live in NC, worked all over the state. Fayetville is a crappy town. Most towns in NC suck, with the exception of Charlotte, Greensboro(borderline), Asheville (well, anywhere in the mountains pretty much rocks) Rockingham is cool if you like drag racing or nascar, other then that it sucks.

    Pick up a dirt bike while your down and drop me a line we'll go hit up Uhwarrie National Forest and I'll show ya a good time.

    edited cause I'm a damn fool sometimes.
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    i lived in wilmington/wilson/greensboro from age 3-5, and they were my first memories of my childhood...good ones too, especially of the beach...NC is very pretty, but humid in the summer...
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