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Anyone ever do 2 internships during summer?

  1. Apr 26, 2010 #1
    I already finished my undergrad and got accepted into a MSME program beginning with the fall 2010 term. I will most likely accept the offer. Anyways, a week and a half ago I also got an offer for an internship, which would last 90 days, where I can basically start as early as this week, since I'm done with school and am just spending my current time auditing some engineering courses. However, in the past couple weeks I had a couple more phone interviews for other engineering internship positions, but those companies need at least another week before they will follow up with me.

    I was thinking that since the internship position I got offered lasts for 90 days, and since I still have a few more internship positions I need to follow up with, that perhaps it'd be possible to do TWO internships starting from now until the end of summer? Has anyone ever done this before? If I started my first internship now, then it would end towards mid/late July. Since my MSME program doesn't start until the end of September, that would leave me with about 2 months to do my other internship, if I get offered another one. Does this sound like a good plan? Or are companies reluctant to hire an intern as late as July and for only 2 months?
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