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Anyone familiar with undergrad physics/math at WPI?

  1. Apr 16, 2010 #1
    As it goes in the topic, anyone knows if pursuing physics at WPI is suitable for someone looking to continue on to graduate school immediately after college? Are there any specific strengths in the program that I should look out for? I was thinking that undergraduate research opportunities will be good, but WPI seems more suitable for undergrads planning to work immediately after college instead - will there be less research opportunities, or poorer graduate school placement?

    Frankly, I'm not very picky about my colleges; I like the cultures/environments at all of the schools I'm accepted at. And since I already got rejected by my dream school, choosing between the rest became more of an issue of cost... will a bigger scholarship package be good enough reason to choose WPI over say, RPI, UChicago etc.? (For that matter, I did get offered more money at Illinois Tech, so I'm trying to compare the academic advantages now.)

    Any advice, comments, criticisms etc. will be better than none... Thanks in advance! (:
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