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Anyone following the US Open?

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    I don't know if we have any tennis fans in here, but is anyone following the US Open? Agassi just finished an epic match with Marco Baghdatis. Toward the end of the 5th set, Baghdatis was looking like the better player, but collapsed with a quad cramp. He had already used his injury time, so he couldn't be treated for it and he limped through the rest of the match, keeping it impossibly close until Agassi won 7-5. And this after an almost equally epic match 2 days ago.

    I don't know how much longer Agassi can keep this up (he isn't quite as sharp as he needs to be to win), but it is spectacular to watch.
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    Baghdatis was playing well for being injured. It was a great match.
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    yep, just saw it. Agassi will reach the 4th round i guess and then lose to Roddick ?

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    Agassi is also playing with a bad back, save for a cortisone shot a day earlier.

    Yup, the game is an instant classic, as good as when Pete Sampras was cramping (and throwing up) on court against Alex Croetia <sp> several years ago.

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    Andre never gives up ;)
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    I think you meant to say Alex Corretja, the Spanish player who lost the 1998 French Open final to Carlos Moya

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    Someone in Andre's camp is spiking the drinks of the other players. The first one gets stoumach cramps and diarreah, and the second one gets leg cramps. It's a conspiracy.
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    Belgium wins again this year in the woman's competition...

    See Ya

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    Wow...is this a classic one or what? 3-3 in the tie-breaker.

    Edit: Holy Cow!! He did it!
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    Um.... that IS a classic one (from last year, I think).... they are in a rain delay. Great match, though.
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