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Anyone from/been to New Zealand?

  1. Feb 26, 2005 #1
    In a couple of years I'll be going to university, and I'm pretty sure I'll be wanting to get out of Norway. I have been looking at many different countries, and New Zealand seems to me as a very good country in many aspects. Of course, I don't have to make any decisions now, but I was wondering: Is anyone here from NZ, or has anyone been there? I would very much appreciate insights on what NZ is like, what you like/dislike about NZ and why.

    Thanks in advance :smile:
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    I live here and have been for nearly six years. This will be my second year at Auckland University.

    I can't think what kind of insights to give, one tends to take things for granted here. Nice people for the most part. Crazy but moderate weather (in Auckland). Visually pleasing geography. Politically moderate, presently very slightly socialist. Education (high school) is decent and not very competitive. University is up to world standards, I presume.

    I suppose the worst thing for me about NZ is the internet connectivity is about 1.5 years behind other western nations. And shipping costs and delivery times for goods bought online can be enormous if they're abroad. :tongue2:

    What can I say? It's a nice place. Come. :biggrin:
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    I was born in New Zealand and have been here my whole life. This will also be my second year at Auckland University (we start tommorrow :)). Even though I haven't been anywhere else I am inclined to believe that New Zealand is the best country in the world. :)

    A downside of coming here for university is that it isn't free. Unless your parents are rich then perhaps consider working for an unskilled job for a year in Norway and saving the money for an education in NZ. That said, tertiary education is of high quality here.

    You could have a great time, as long as you ensure that you see some of the country while you're here. :) Take a road trip during the (nz) summer holidays or something. ;p
  5. Mar 1, 2005 #4
    Thanks for the replies guys. What do you study at Auckland Uni? And how do you like it there?

    I have not taken the time for more than a brief overview of the universities in NZ, so I haven't looked at which one i might want to go to. I am quite sure that I want to study something like Physics/Maths/Technology though. Any good suggestions for unversities for this?

    University isn't free in Norway either, and there is an own government department dealing with student loans. I would assume there is something similar in NZ? Also, I would assume it would be possible for me to do some unskilled work in NZ as well as study, to help finance studies?
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    This is my first year studying physics, so I haven't been in it long enough to evaluate. I expect it will be good. On the whole, I find life at uni enjoyable.

    University of Auckland (Auckland Uni) is the only suggestion I'd put forward. I can't imagine it being worth moving here from Norway to go to any other university for physics/math.

    Yes, we have "StudyLink", which is part of the Ministory of Social Development or somesuch. Though I have many nasty things to say about them and their vile bureaucratic ways, I admit they're generally effective.

    Iirc, you can come here on either a work permit or a study permit. I don't recall precisely what restrictions on work a study permit places, but I think unskilled and part-time work is not forbidden.
  7. Mar 2, 2005 #6
    I am studying towards a BA/BSc with majors in Spanish and Maths. I also did two physics papers last year, but decided against majoring in it because I enjoyed maths much more.
    Auckland has been rated the best university in New Zealand, I wouldn't bother looking at anything else. Otage has a reputation for good medicine, dentistry etc schools, but you're not looking for that.
    If you come here on a study visa, then you will only be able to work a maximum of 15 hours a week I think (they are thinking of changing it to 20). I wouldn't try and work too much though, you would run out of time to enjoy yourself! :)
  8. Mar 2, 2005 #7
    Many thanks for the replies guys. Maybe I'll see you there in a couple of years :biggrin:
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