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I have a question for you guys.

A friend and I would like to spend a summer working at a summer camp, or anywhere basically, and live out in Europe for a bit. We would prefer a summer camp though because of the nature and wilderness.

Any tips on where we can go check? Websites to visit? Who can we e-mail? Cost of living?

Anything really, but we are more interested on websites of Summer Camps, so we can talk to them directly.

Thanks alot.

Jason Rox

Note: Two Canadians.

Also, we are willing to learn a new language if required. That's why we are inquiring early... for next year.


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Eurocamp recuitment here .

Where to go is probably a choice for you to make, Europe's a pretty big place in terms of diversity of people, culture, food, landscape etc. Personally, I love to get out into Eastern Europe, Slovenia and Hungary are beautiful and cheap. If you decide to do a summer camp thing, you're probably restricting yourself to Italy and France, and perhaps Germany and Spain (but check that), but there's no reason why you can't work for a couple of months, and then get a rail pass and travel round everywhere else too.

How long have you got to play with?
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Don't forget Bulgaria and Romania. Very low cost and the Balkans and Carpathians have some incredible scenery.

The Danube River Valley is also exceptionally beautiful.

Chi Meson

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ummm... what was the question?
Sorry, I went way off topic.
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I have 4 months to play with, and like 10 months to plan.

I'm would like to have a job already set. I don't want to fly there and look for one either.

Anyways, thanks for all the advice and that website.

I appreciate it.

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