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Anyone has Idea on Chi Square

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    The following table shows brand preferences against gender on the basis of a random sample of size 100 from population. It is intended to examine possible association between gender and brand preferences.

    Brand A Brand B
    Men 30 20
    Women 20 30

    At 5% level of significance will you conclude that gender and brand preferred are independent? It is given that the table value of the Chi-Square distribution with right tail area equal to 5% for 1, 2 and 3 degrees of freedom are 3.84, 5.99 and 7.81 respectively.
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    This forum isn't for homework questions. If you're trying to get questions answered at least show your attempts at the questions. No-one is going to give you the answer straight up, but someone may give you some guidance if you show an attempt that is heading in the right direction
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