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Anyone here from Maine?

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    Specifically a town called biddeford
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    Lookin for a girl trib?
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    Kat lives in Maine, but I don't know which town.
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    i have been to kittery...always wanted to tour all of maine...i hear it is much like oregon.
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    I had an aunt in Kittery Point. She was the last of the relatives there (it's where the whole family used to live), and unfortunately, some gold-digger boyfriend of hers got his paws on the deed to the family home there. I visited her once and would have been willing to buy that house from any other relatives who might have been in line to inherit it if the gold-digger hadn't come along. Waterfront property with a beautiful view. My trip there actually taught me the value of story-telling! I was on a trip with another friend with no particular destination in mind (we had just graduated college and were taking a trip before we had to start working for a living). I had never been to Maine and when we decided to head there, I only knew the name of the town and decided to see if she was in for me to meet her (I'd never even met this aunt before). All I had to go on for directions were stories from my grandfather of growing up there, including that the Naval base was just down the road, the rocky coast by the house, and a weird sense of homing instinct. When we spotted a gas station and I decided to look up my aunt in the phone book and give her a call, I was literally two blocks from her house! I've never been in a place that felt so much like home to me. It was even better than I ever imagined from my grandfather's stories. My friend was pretty amazed at how close we got to the house based on recollections from old stories. I guess it's the sort of place that doesn't change much.
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