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Anyone here like Jiu-Jitsu?

  1. May 14, 2010 #1
    Here is a video of me sparring with my friend, I'm the one in long hair:

    I'm self-trained, never been to a dojo, just do it for fun.
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    I love jiu-jutsu, it's key to many practical fighting systems.
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    The dojo I go to teaches modified Brazillian jiu jitsu - they call it grappling. Two minute sparring bouts leave me feeling like I've just sprinted a mile without breathing! It's great, I love it.
  5. May 19, 2010 #4
    I love Judo. BJJ is also great but as a sport is not as spectacular as Judo. An good throw is something to behold =)
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    Wresting, be it BJJ or Greco-Roman is probably one of the most demanding activities possible. I performed G-R wrestling in high-school when I moved to the USA, and that makes Jiu Jutsu seem moderately tame by comparison. You train for hours and hours a day for that stamina, but if you are already in good shape it is a marvelous way to coordinate and develop the whole musculature.

    Of course, BJJ is very useful in some fights, whereas G-R provides foundations, but is to a fight what fencing is to real swordplay.
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    I am 6'2"... I was tired of tiny people hip-tossing me in a half spin, so I gave Judo a rest for the sake of my hips and spine. It is amazing to behold, but no fun at all to experience. Going back to Krav Maga however, you never get away from the basic tenants of Judo... much like body control in G-R wrestling, or locks and grips in JJ, and footwork in monkey Kung Fu
  8. May 19, 2010 #7
    5'11'' , and just shy of 200 lbs. A decent build for Judo. I enjoy it. Besides, my city is a very strong Judo center, one of the best in Romania, so it's kinda a tradition around here. Most kids going in combat sports here go into Judo. Second most popular is boxing.

    Btw, some awesome newaza from some guys in Rio de Janeiro, from the legendary Mehdi academy, pretty nice to see:

  9. May 19, 2010 #8
    Wow, that is terrific stuff. Thanks for the link! It is people like you btw, who kept tossing me to the mat. Darn your lower centers of gravity! ;)
  10. May 19, 2010 #9
    Id wish to see more stuff from Mehdi's academy. The guy is legend. Supposedly he is the one who said that Gracies emphasise ground fighting because they ""don't know how to throw".
    There are a lot of no holds barred / bjj legends which spent time with Mehdi, like Rickson Gracie, Behring brothers, Mario Sperry, Murillo Bustamante.
  11. May 19, 2010 #10
    Glad we got some Jiu Jitsu fans! I put up some more Jitsu videos btw.
  12. May 19, 2010 #11
    Excellent, I'll go and have a look. Thanks :)
  13. May 24, 2010 #12
    That's awesome! I love jiu-jitsu although I've never done it. My brother is currently training and practicing so it's cool to see him actively engaging in a hobby. It's really a growing sport right now! Love watching MMA, too!
  14. May 26, 2010 #13
    Yeah, I'll be getting the UFC game next month, can't wait. Not a fan of the submission system though, ugh. If anyone has Xbox Live add me: OCdratsab, it'd be fun to face you guys.
  15. May 28, 2010 #14
    I really enjoy it, I practice Jiu-Jitsu and kickboxing. A great way to relieve stress.
  16. Jun 10, 2010 #15
    I do brazilian Jiu jitsu. Been doing it on and off for 2 years now. I train at a renzo gracie affiliate school and man i love it. My mind is constantly on bjj and the team atmosphere is amazing. Everybody has a common goal there. To get better in bjj. We can all relate so we help each other out. It's literally like my 2nd family. I'll be spending my whole summer there doing bjj and kettle bell.

    Here's a great video showcasing the difference between a black belt and a purple belt.


    Also, dratsab, seriously get yourself to a gym now. Do any sort of grappling like wrestling or judo. Atleast that will get your foot in the water for REAL GRAPPLING. DON'T SELF TRAIN. There's a huge difference between someone who actually goes to the gym and self training yourself.
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