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Anyone here uses Last FM?

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    Hey all,

    Anyone here a member of Last FM? Its a cool music social site where you can listen to their music stations (all genres) or pop your own CDs in your computer and listen and they tally your tracks. Some people have like 60,000 tracks :bugeye: and I thought I was crazy about music. If anyone joins up, hit me up, my user name is slackjack.
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    I have 1,600 albums, and most people think I'm crazy. As sad as I am to say it, I'm pretty much done with music. Try as I might, I literally cannot find anything that I like, yet don't already have. New music comes out all the time, of course, but I'd have to scour a record store to the rafters to find anything old that I both like and don't yet have.

    As a result, I suspect that anyone who has the equivalent of 6,000 albums simply does not listen to 95% of it, and probably doesn't even enjoy 90% of it. They probably just have them out of an obsessive-compulsive desire to collect the largest possible music collection. I should also mention that they're probably all pirated, since, after all, no one's going to shell out $100,000 for albums they don't even like.

    - Warren
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    I highly recommend Pandora- The Music Genome Project. Great way to listen to cool new music for free. You tell it what kind of music you like and it tries to find other similar music.

    As for my music collection, I gave up on CD's a long time ago in favor of music download sites... instead on my computer I have about 4Gb of music (probably around 800-900 songs) and listen to most all of it. I could probably download another 4-6Gb easily :tongue2:
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    Word! I listen with Pandora almost everyday! It's great for parties!
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