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Anyone Interested In Being a Senior Project Mentor?

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    Senior Project Fun

    Hi all. I am somewhat new to PF. I have spent many hours reading lots of interesting threads and things. I am currently a senior in High School and we are required to do a senior project. Along with the project we are required to have a 'mentor' (basically someone who knows a lot about our field of research) and i was just curious if anyone would want to be my mentor for this project. Basically it requires a few e-mails back and forth and a little discusion about my topic. I've chosen to do my work on Theoretical or astrophysics. If anyone has any ideas on a good argumentative paper or is interested in being a mentor please let me know. My name is Andrew and if you'd like you can contact me at [email edited out by mentor: use the Private Message feature to request it] Thanks for all the help!
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