Anyone Into Symphonic Metal/Opera Metal?

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Why not just call it heavy metal with keyboard stuff?
Good point lol


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I started looking up H.P. Lovecraft inspired metal and while a lot of it isn't very heavily inspired by him I did find one band, Catacombs, where their whole album is almost completely devoted to R'lyeh, the place where Cthulhu sleeps. Good album. Here's my favorite off it. I suggest listening to the whole album if you guys get a chance.
This is really good, and I've been listening to more from Catacombs on Youtube. I'm a big Lovecraft fan, and this music fits the tone of the Cthulhu mythos well.

Prior to this the only doom metal I've listened to was a bit of Trouble, and, of course, the prototype for doom metal, Black Sabbath. I like Mastodon, if you consider that doom metal (it's often called progressive sludge metal, whatever that means). And Opeth had a very nice doom-metallish outtro to their ballad A Fair Judgement.

I think the sloooow and ominous death metal vocals add a lot to the Catacombs atmosphere. Very good music.
Here is some old school Doom :

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paint it black...............
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