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Anyone know a bit on MikTex?

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    I'm having the biggest dilemma of my entire existance.I've just downloaded the "MiKTex" software,apparently succesfully installing it,but,as it wouldn't make a shortcut in the StartUp Menu (using Win98),I have no idea how to find the program itself,the ".exe" file.

    So,please,could anyone give me a piece of advice??
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    The MikTeX executables are located in the miktex\bin directory of wherever you installed everything (I have mine in c:\texmf\miktex\bin).

    If you were expecting a fancy schmancy GUI for doing your TeX'ing, then you might be a little bit disappointed. All the programs run through a command window, but you can use whatever fancy schmancy text editor you like to create your TeX source file.
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    Dr Transport

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    MikTeX is a fine version of LateX, but you do need a GUI. I suggest that you look on www.tug.org for some freebees. There are a couple out there. if you decide to use Linux for an operating system, try Kile for LateX, best I have seen and is easy to use.

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    Thenx.I'd still have one more question:if i've made a file;let's call it "buhuhu.tex",how can i turn it into a pdf using MikTex?It' actually the reason for which i dld-ed the program.Being able to make pdf's out of tex files...Which commnad window to open and what lines of code need i write??

    Dr.Transport,for now,i'm not interested in sofware working for Linux,as i find Windows pretty useful for dumbasses like me... :wink:
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    I've never done it myself, but I think http://www.miktex.org/manual/pdftex.html [Broken]
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    i would suggest using something like TeXnicCenter
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