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Anyone know any facts about ginseng?

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    Anyone know any facts about ginseng?

    anyone know any facts about it? i thikn its supposed to be like caffeine or something...
    I've tried doing some research but it's really hard to tell what websites are herbal b.s, which ones are true... one says it lowers blood pressure, another says it makes it higher... one says it's good for cancer...
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    http://www.vanderbilt.edu/AnS/psychology/health_psychology/ginseng.htm [Broken]
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    I think it dilates your blood vessels slightly, to allow more oxygen into vital organs. I have http://www.thinkgeek.com/caffeine/accessories/5f0b/"stuff and it's pretty sweet. refreshing and it makes you more alert. at the very least it is a psychological phenomena, but it's gotten a tired me through a couple philosophy exams.
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    Back when I used to help out around my relatives shop, most of the ginseng I sold were to people wanting more energy.
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