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Anyone know anything about Saint Martin's University in WA state

  1. May 29, 2010 #1
    Ok, so I got accepted there and it was my only option due to location and major. It's a private university (28,000$/year) located in Lacey, Wa (8 mins away from my house). The next nearest university is University of Washington. I don't know where it ranks, but I don't really care if its ranked at all as I think ratings are skewed/bias and don't mean much at all (to a degree). The environment of the college seems to suit me...small, high instructor/student ratio, quite, small population, accredited, etc... I will be attending there for Civil Engineering and i've heard from my other professors (from prior college), students, and other professional engineers that the engineering program there is very good. However, I don't know if they are being biased or what, but I value their opinion none the less. The professors seem to be competent...well their credentials are good anyways as they all have phd's and are PE's (which i know doesn't mean much in regards to teaching). In fact it seems like every professor there regardless of the subject has a phd. Has anyone ever gone here or know anyone who has?

    On a side note...speaking of professors...

    I was meeting with my advisor who happened to be the dean of the civil engineering department (pretty sweet to have the dean as an advisor) and after we finished our meeting, I decided to walk around the campus and I walked passed a professor who teaches in the mechanical engineering department. He stops me as I walked pass and introduces himself and says that he saw me being advised and just want to wish me to have a good time attending there. He proceeds to talk about the programs and asks me what classes I was taking and if I had taken Statics and Dynamics yet. I tell him no, as I am transferring and I have yet to take them as I will be taking them this upcoming fall along with differential equations, etc...and then... He says: "oh, look likes you have about 2.5 years or so before you graduate. You should really study before you take those classes...it will help a bunch. Just between you and me, i'll give you my email address and I will type up notes for you to study. It's important for you to get a grasp on the concepts for you to succeed. Just email me and I will type some up for you". I don't even know this guy. His gesture blew me away. If professors like that teach there...ones who actually give a damn about your success than it looks like I made a good choice. It was weird to see such generosity from a professor.
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