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Anyone know good math games?

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    I played some sort of a math game a long time ago. It was about making a table with some precise numbers and then writing number under it that represent the sum of 13 or something with the numbers on top, but I really can't remember now since I played it last time was 5 years ago.

    So, does anyone know any math games that can be played alone with a pencil and paper when there is nothing to do in class? :)
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    We used to play the following game (however it needs two or more players): each player writes down an integer (real) number in his turn. The only restriction - the next number must be greater than the previous one. The one who reaches the infinity first - wins :)))
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    I used to play one with my father, you choose an interger 1 - 10 and add it to what the previous person chose (example: I start by choosing 6 and then you decide to choose 5 so so your number would be 11). Continue picking until you reach some designated number, who ever has to say the last number is the loser. Of course you can mathamatically figure out how to win every time, there are just certain numbers you have to hit.

    Edit: Sorry that is a two player game. I guess you could find out how to be the winner everytime by yourself.
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    You'll probably find this "game" really boring, but I think it's fun. Start with 1, then keep doubling the number in your head until you get too high to continue.

    If you have at least three people you can play this other "game" - Have a neutral person randomly pick two 4-digit numbers. Of the remaining two people, the first person to correctly determine the product of these two numbers, using no paper, no pencil, just his/her mind wins. I used to do this in math class in high school and found two 4-digit numbers to be about the right level of difficulty. Of course you can invent infinite variations to this.
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    I used two digit numbers... 4 digit games would last minutes!
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