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Anyone know how does the stealth technology work?

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    Anyone know how does the stealth technology work?
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    im assuming your talking about the stealth bombers and such. Wot happens is they found out that certain angles reflect radar waves (witch work similar to sonar). So the idea is to create an air craft that has a geometry that allows it to reflect radar away from the source while still allowing it to be arodynamic enough to fly. This is how its done in the F-117. In the B-2 bomber they use a technology called continuous curvature. Im not really sure how that works. However, stealth tech does not make them invisible to radar. Wot it does is reduce the effective range of radar. When other countries "lay down" rader defences they have them overlap a little bit. But since there is stealth, it allows a plane the traverse through "gaps" in the radar coverage that dont exist for other planes.

    ...if that made no sence i made a rough diagram as to wot im talking about.

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    i was refering to US research on stealth suit to make their troops invisible.
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    what makes something invisible?
    Is invisibility possible?
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    o ok, my bad. yeah, they have been doing research into a suit that has pin hole cameras pointing out and then projects the image it sees on the other side. There are obvious flaws to this idea. There was a working prototype, however, it was very very low res with a pixle a couple of inched in diameter. the effect that was created was slightly better than that of camo fatigues. Though, you still need to address the heat generated from both the body and the suit. I heard about something called the Philadelphia experiment. THe idea (or controversy) was to use magnetic fields to warp light around the ship effectivly creating a "bubble" in witch no light got in or out. but thats just a conspiracy.
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