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Homework Help: Anyone know MATLAB?

  1. Sep 24, 2009 #1
    anyone know MATLAB???

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    Using Matlab, write an m-file that creates subplots of y=x^n for n=[1:6] and
    x = [-10:0.01:10]. Each subplot needs appropriate labels in bold and using superscripts. this should also be commanded from within a loop and using num2str commands where necessary.

    3. The attempt at a solution

    i started out with a nested for loop as followed.

    for x = [-10:0.01:10]
    for n=[1:6]
    plot(y) trying to just graph what im getting so far in the loop

    when i run the program i get just a blank graph??
    any help would be great!!!
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    Re: anyone know MATLAB???

    Well, the beauty of MATLAB is that you can run operations on vectors and arrays, and don't have to do element-wise operations (most of the time), as you might in C or C++ (or whatever your intro computing course was).

    So, you could do something like the following:
    Code (Text):

    y=x.^1     %note the period before the ^, this tells MATLAB to raise each element of x to the power of 1

    pause(1)     %pauses a second

    Now, you could pack each of your y-vectors into a 2-D matrix (array), and sort things out later, or you can use a cell array (the curly braces), and store the vectors separately.

    Code (Text):

    for n=1:6
    plot(x,y{1}, x,y{2}, x,y{3}, x,y{4}, x,y{5}, x,y{6})
    BTW, a great way to find what MATLAB functions do is just to type 'help' and the name of the function, for instance:
    >> help plot

    ...which brings up the help file for the Plot function. More in-depth documentation is available at the MATLAB website (I found this invaluable when I was a MATLAB programmer one summer--bookmark the top page!):
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