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Anyone know of resources for learning Python (specifically for Sage opensource math)?

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    Hey everyone I am looking to learn the Sage software as an alternative to MATLAB. I would like to leaern Python as well. I have a bit of a limited programming experience (A in a Programming Principles course last semester which used Java). So I know loops, stacks, methods, class variables, data fields, strings, static vs non static, and some other basics but that is about it. Anybody know of a good resource for learning Python (focused on Sage), or is it too advanced for someone who has only had a semester of CS?
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    Re: Anyone know of resources for learning Python (specifically for Sage opensource ma

    The Sage website has some great resources: videos, tons of sample code, documentation..check this to start: http://www.sagemath.org/tour.html

    In addition, "udacity.com" [Broken] has some great videos on Python.

    There are tons of Python resources out there. Since you have some experience programming, "Dive into Python" by Pilgrim might be a decent choice. It is freely available on the web.
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