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Homework Help: Anyone know the equation?

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    Does anyone know the equation for the second one, and any ideas about the first one?

    *What affect does altitude have on atmospheric air volume?

    * A diver goes down to a depth of 132 feet. How many atmospheres of pressure are on the diver?
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    Find the weight of a cubic foot of water. One square inch on the bottom of that cubic foot represents 1/144 of the area on the bottom. The column of water above that square inch is 12 inches high and also represents 1/144 of the weight of the cubic foot of water. That mass (1/144 of the mass of 1 cubic foot of water) in pounds will be exerted on the square inch of space immediately below it. If you calculate the mass in pounds, you now have the pressure in pounds per square inch or PSI resulting from immersion in 1 foot of water.

    It's up to you to do the rest.
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