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Anyone know what he did?

  1. Nov 4, 2005 #1
    The Smoking Man has a reet big cross through his handle. Whatever has he done?
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    A real shame if PaWA loses one of its best members. Can't grasp either.
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    I read somewhere the first banning isn't permanent. Hopefully they'll let him back in when he's been given enough time in his room to think about what he did. Which was what...?
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    I can't say for sure but it seems as though his "discussion" with another member in the bumper sticker thread became rather heated. Unfortunatly he seems to have made several personal jabs at the person which could be the reason. Or at least that coupled with having only recently returned from a temp ban.
    It's too bad. I missed him and now he's gone again so quickly.
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    Oh. So if he's already had a temp ban we're unlikely too see him again. At least, under that username.

    Farewell then
    The Smoking Man
    There is no smoke
    Without fire
    You blazed bright and warm
    But spread too far
    So they had to
    Put you
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    Tom Mattson

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    Feel free to contact a staff member via PM for questions on specific actions that were taken.
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