Anyone listen to modest mouse? (re: lyrical content)

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In summary, the conversation discusses the new album of the band Modest Mouse and how it may not be their best work, but their fame is still deserved. The lead singer's lyrics often touch on themes of the universe and life, as seen in songs like "Never Ending Math Equation", "Medication", and "Third Planet". The band's albums also vary in themes, with "The Moon and Antarctica" focusing on universal observations and "The Lonesome Crowded West" and "Building Nothing Out Of Something" delving more into introspection. Despite some bizarre lyrics, Modest Mouse is praised for their use of metaphors and unique song titles, such as "Australopithecus". Overall, the conversation expresses admiration
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the new album isn't really that good, but that's okay, because i think they're deserving of the fame

a lot of isaac brock's (lead singer) lyrics deal with the universe and life.

some lyrics i like from the song "Never Ending Math Equation":

"The universe works on a math equation
that never even ever really even ends in the end
infinity spirals out creation
we're on the tip of its tongue, and it is saying well
we aint sure where you stand
you aint machines and you aint land
and the plants and the animals, they are land
and the plants and the animals eat each other"

and some good commentary comes from their song "Medication":

"we're all doctors trading sadness for numbness
grass looks much greener but it's green-painted cement
the mayor's machines are there cleaning the pavement
you can't make dirt clean, so we'll just lemon-scent it"

from "Third Planet" comes:

"The universe is shaped exactly like the Earth if you go
straight long enough you'll end up where you were"

if you're interested in checking them out, "The Moon and Antarctica" deals a lot with universal observations, "The Lonesome Crowded West" and "Building Nothing Out Of Something" deal more with introspective stuff. all awesome albums, great musician, great lyricist. sometimes his lyrics seem bizarre, but there are lots of great metaphors that aren't always so readily apparent.

and how many bands do you know with song titles like "Australopithecus"?

modest mouse rules.
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ya i listen to modest mouse sometimes, there coool...

never heard those ones tho, Ill have to check em out
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I have definitely listened to Modest Mouse and I completely agree with you about their lyrical content. Isaac Brock's lyrics are definitely thought-provoking and often deal with deeper themes, such as the universe and life. I also appreciate how he uses metaphors and imagery in his lyrics, making them even more powerful and impactful. And you're right, it's not always easy to understand the meaning behind his lyrics, but that's what makes them so interesting and unique. I also love how they have songs with titles like "Australopithecus" - it shows their creativity and willingness to explore different topics. While I may not agree that their new album isn't as good, I do believe that Modest Mouse is a deserving band that has made a significant impact in the music industry. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and some of your favorite lyrics!

1. What are the most common themes found in Modest Mouse lyrics?

Some common themes in Modest Mouse's lyrics include: existentialism, alienation, social commentary, and the struggles of everyday life.

2. Are there any recurring symbols or metaphors in their songs?

Yes, Modest Mouse often uses animals, particularly birds and insects, to represent different ideas and emotions in their songs. They also frequently use water and the ocean to symbolize change and uncertainty.

3. Do their lyrics have any deeper meanings or messages?

Many fans and critics have interpreted Modest Mouse's lyrics as having deeper meanings and social commentary. Lead singer Isaac Brock has stated that his lyrics are often inspired by personal experiences and observations, but they can also be open to individual interpretation.

4. Are there any recurring references or allusions to other works or artists in their lyrics?

Yes, Modest Mouse has referenced other works and artists in their lyrics, including books, films, and musicians. For example, their song "Gravity Rides Everything" references a quote from the book "Catch-22" by Joseph Heller.

5. How have Modest Mouse's lyrics evolved over time?

Modest Mouse's lyrics have evolved along with the band's sound and themes. In their earlier albums, they often focused on personal struggles and anxieties, while their more recent albums have delved into more political and social issues. Additionally, their lyrics have become more abstract and poetic in later albums.

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