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Anyone play drums?

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    I just purchased a simple set of drums that comes with the snare, bass, the two toms, and three cymbals. Coming from a classical background of musical training, I am having problems tuning the drum to sound right. Is there a site that provides some audio files so I can tune my drums to sound correctly? Or is the sound of recorded drums, when played on a standard speaker, different from what you would hear if you play the drums first-hand?
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    A lot different. Hate the way they sounded at first...but you get used to it eventually. Sometimes, I like to cover the snare with a towel to lower the pitch. How much did you drop on this set ?

    And I believe there are lugs that set the tension of the head. Always tighten lugs in the order 1,4,2,5,3,6 - for 6 lugs (or 1,3,2,4 for 4 lugs): in general, go from a lug to the one opposite it. Start from the snare and work your way down to the bass. I know someone who does this in the other way, so I think that's fine too. I would just tune it against a keyboard.

    There's some info here : http://www.musiciansnews.com/cgi-bin/go.pl?mid=87831007415276 [Broken]

    Not aware of any audio files though...

    PS : I'm no expert, but have dabbled just a bit. You should wait for someone knowledgeable to come along...
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    The drum set, which is a Pearl export series (I had few choices), costed me around USD800. It's expensive because I live in Brunei.

    I already understand how to tighten the lugs in an order that 'draws' out a pentagram.
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