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Anyone play the banjo?

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    I just came upon a banjo and actually it seems like second nature when I play it. Are there any banjo players on this forum? Could anyone set me up with a couple of songs?

    The bands I like that include banjo include: Decemberists, Tarkio, Modest Mouse.
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    my father plays banjo professionally (also the fiddle, mandolin, guitar, and bass). It's a very unique instrument that is always distinguishable. I suppose it depends on the type of music you like, mainly it's used in Bluegrass/Old Time, but occasionally in Rock as well, such as David Gilmour's latest solo album.
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    I love Allison Krauss and Union Station.
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    I really enjoy Iron Horse for straight banjo. Certain blue grass doesn't appeal to me but Gypsy Jazz does.
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    Try hunting down a recording of "Cripple Creek". That's one of the essential banjo tunes.

    You might also check out Springsteen's "The Seeger Sessions" - the banjo on "Old Dan Tucker" is pretty fun.

    What other instruments do you play?
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    I play guitar and dabble a bit in piano. Banjo is so much more fun, imo, than a guitar or atleast it seems that way right now. I have been playing that bad guy for about 2 weeks straight now.. So I picked up my guitar yestarday and it seems as if I can play much faster.
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    My main instrument is the guitar too - you can't beat a guitar for versatility and portability! But it's nice to have other instruments around when you're jamming with others. Basically anything with strings is fair game for me - violin, mandolin, some piano and a little banjo. I'm also hoping to pick up a button accordion in the near future.

    "Elliott Brood" is a Canadian band that does really great things with the banjo. They market their music as "death country". For more straightforward playing I like "The Be Good Tanyas".
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    String instruments are relatively easy to learn for me too... I am actually starting a little project with an accordian player.. Well he is very tallented and plays other instruments but it should be fun. Great accordian, banjo, or any other crazy instrument that you would expect in a newage band - Decemberists/Tarkio. Awesome band.
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    I love the Magnetic Fields.
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