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Anyone see Argo?

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    Wow what a great movie! I had such a head ache from clenching my jaw from the tension. Must see! Amazing story.
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    Plan on seeing it with the chemistry club in two weeks because that is when our mid-term break begins!
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    I haven't seen it, but I heard in a review on NPR that all the action scenes at the end of the movie were made up, and not part of what actually happened.
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    I was REALLY surprised at the ending credits to see that Ben Affleck was the director. This was a masterful job, regardless of whether or not it was all according to fact (it was a MOVIE, after all not a documentary). I have to agree w/ a comment I read this morning that Affleck can now join Eastwood and Redford as a director first, movie star second.

    And WHAT a pleasure Goodman and Arkin were in the lighter side of the story. They looked like they were having a a ball and whether they personally actually were or not, it spilled over to the audience as though they definitely were.
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    Is it better than Prometheus?
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    One compillation of reviews gave argo 85% and Prometheus 65% and from what I've heard, that is being very generous to Prometheus.
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    anti-iranian propaganda, any movie on US coup against democratically elected dr.mossadegh and installing us puppet shah???
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    Did the movie portray things that were not true? Did the Iranians NOT take the hostages? Did they NOT ignore diplomatic immunity? Did they NOT pretend to execute hostages? Did they NOT ignore simple human decency? What exactly DID the movie show that was not true?
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    Just watching first 2 seconds of the trailer, I knew it will be about some kind of propaganda.

    I never liked these pro-anti or patriotic movies so I am not going to watch Argo.

    If there ought to be a movie about Iran, I would prefer something balanced that covers enough historical period not to bring any kind of anti or pro Western bias. Unfortunately, it's really hard to find these neutral movies.
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    I don't see that as any kind of answer to my questions, so am puzzled why you offered it in response to my questions rather than just as a general comment of your own.
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    The question I was trying asking you if you all know of Iranians (or their government) as those who take hostages, ignore diplomatic immunity .. etc

    Movies like Argo are damaging because one they take reality to extreme, second they only give you a very limited window of history, and last they try to manipulate historical details to fit their theme. So, all you think of Iran is a country of what the movie shows you. You wouldn't believe how distorted views many westerns have about ME just in general and movies like these are of no help in broadening people perspectives.
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    Closed due to being too emotional.
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    FYI that film, to some extent, is Persepolis.
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