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Anyone see Iron Man 3D?

  1. May 3, 2013 #1
    I saw Iron Man 3D last night, and I wanted to know from those who have watched it or will watch it, what do you think of it? The plot, characters, and production. In my opinion, it was good, but Avengers had better special effects. Iron man however had a better plot.
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    Avengers was entertaining in a fluff way for me. Iron man can at least fool my brain into enjoying it because it's mostly high tech fantasy rather than aliens and weird space mutants.

    I did see IM3 this weekend and really enjoyed it. Saw it 3D on ultra screen. Lots of fun if you don't think too hard. Not as good as the first, but much better than the second.
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    Definitely better than the second, the first is always better because it doesn't have as many of those, obviously fake events. In IM3 he can leap of high places and somehow land in the suit.

    Spoiler Alert, and the genetic modified fire breathing freaks.
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    Good point, that is a little ridiculous! Exciting though!
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    Many other scenes that are horrifically inconsistent with reality. Actually too many to list. I guess it doesn't have to be a logical film.
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    Crikey mate, of course it doesnt!! :)

    its a cartoon thats come to life, enjoy it and all movies like it, for what they are.... great science fantasy and fun entertainment :)

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