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Other Anyone seen this theory book?

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    Has anyone here looked at A Course in Theoretical Physics by P.J. Shepherd? It seems to cover a lot of good topics, but does it do a good job?
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    Its a fairly new book and there's no reviews on Amazon yet so any comments here would have to be from personal experience. The book is also a first edition which means there are likely some errata.

    I did find this first chapter of the book with an included table of contents. In the table of contents, the first few chapters cover a lot of ground whereas the later chapters seem to gloss through the subject matter to be covered. I'm thinking this pdf came out before the book was finished in order to get pre-orders for it.


    MENTOR NOTE: PDF is a book preview with TOC and first chapter only.

    It looks like an interesting book though.
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    I don't usually comment on books with no specialized topic, but this seems like a good writing. It more than scratches the surface for all its subjects and it's pretty clear to me he more than just simply read the Landau & Lishits series (especially the 2nd volume on classical field theory).

    I'm not a fan of thi types of books who put the standard material into a superficial mathematical context, but for its author's purpose it does a good job.
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