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Anyone studying biophysics

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    are there anyone studying biophysics (or has studied biophysics)? I am currently choosing my possible field of study in university. I saw a major called "biophysics" but do not really know what it is. It is obvious that it is a major that combines biology and physics. But what i am interested in is what do we really study? Could anyone give me some ideas? thanks
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    The main questions biophysics studies today are:

    - proteins folding
    - gene regulation
    - interaction of biomolecules to perform functions in cells
    - molecular structure of cell membranes
    - energy transfer in membranes
    - biological sensors
    - cell movement
    - neuroscience

    There are also many people from adjacent fields lworking in biophysics like studying evolution (theveĀ“ve come up to some equations for it already), self-organization (also known as synergetics) and many other things...
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