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Anyone take AMC?

  1. Feb 1, 2005 #1
    Took it today, whew that was tough, anyone know where i can get some practice on the problems, i would like to do alot better next time around. :P
    Or you can post what u though of the test. Personally i though it was tough, saddly i only awnsered 9 of them :eek: . Also if im not suposed to talk about it tell me. But i was told that i could talk about it after the end of school so, ya. :smile:
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    A sample test is usually included when the school receives the test booklets.

    Is the cutoff for the AIME still 11 right and 0 wrong? That'd mean you're only 2 away!

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    I took it and only had 8 right (answered 10). Some other kid I know answered 17/17 right. We got to see that answer sheet afterwards, so I checked it out. Some of those problems were easy I just approached it wrong. Others were probably just as easy, accept I never grasped the concept. Did you take the AMC 12? On 16 I realized after the test I could have measured their drawing to get the answer :tongue2:

    Oh and on 22, what does inscribed mean?

    Heres that question and another if anyone else can explain

    22. A rectangle P is inscribed(?) in a sphere of radius r. The surface area of P is 384, and the sum of the lengths of its 12 edges is 112. What is r?

    a. 8 b. 10 c. 12 d. 14

    ...Would R be half of the length of the rectangle? I didnt go on because I wasnt sure what exaclty "inscribed" entailed

    25. Let S be the set of all points with coordinates (x,y,z), where x,y, and z are each chosen from the set {0,1,2}. How many equilateral triangles have all of their vertices in S?

    a. 72 b. 76 c. 80 e. 88

    I have the right answers by the way
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    yep... i took it too

    i believe i got 12 right out of the 14 i answered... so thus my score is a 99.5 (100 is the cut-off point for the AIME) :cry: heh... i guess i could take the 12B and try and make it again...?

    I feel like this AMC was harder than the past ones

    my friend answered 21 and got 20 right... this kid is a beast!
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    I think a good thing to know for this test is dice, they love putting problems about dice, this year like 3, last year they put some also. The hardest one i did was #15, anyone get the awnser to that one, i got E. Also i hate when they ask u how many of something there are, im like what the hell u want me to take an hour counting them, grrr. Like #11, why in the world would i spend the whole test time on that question, onless anyone knows and easy way out. :tongue:

    Last year my friend got 18/18, but this kid was a monster, he was so crazy while he was taking it he drank a whole Mountain Dew bottle, a 2 liter one!!!!! :bugeye:
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    What do you mean measure it, they didnt provide me with rulers, they only said use a calculator, and scrap paper!. No fair,
  8. Feb 1, 2005 #7
    Inscribed means all of the vertices of the rectangle lie on the sphere. (interestingly, there are two interpretations of this, depending on how technical you get). The grade-school interpretation should be fine, though. How does a rectangle get 12 edges ? Do they mean a rectangular parallelepiped ? :confused:
    The points generated by the set create a discrete cube of 3^3 points. There is only a certain type of triangle formed in this discrete cube that is equilateral (Take a look at the little 1x1 cubes making up the 2x2 cube).
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    Haha Hessam, same here. I'm especially angry because one of my two wrong was the one about windows. I read the question as "how much money do they save with the 'buy four get one free' deal in comparison to without the deal." Such a simple one, too, but I read it too fast. And what's this 12B test?
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    That happened to me also last year, i hate when that happens, just dont worry, ull hopefully do better next year. :tongue2:
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    Nah, senior year. :grumpy:
  12. Feb 1, 2005 #11
    hehe, junior here. :tongue: . Well, u can take Contest B, i think, later on, check with ur school, today they gave Contest A. I just cant get over how hard it is, :cry: . Maybe if i post some of the questions here pep will awnser them.
  13. Feb 1, 2005 #12

    15 was (C) 1/3, i'm pretty certain of it too... i'll edit this post later w/ a proof (dont have time right now)

    oh yes and for 11 there's somewhat of a simple arithmetic sequence to it

    you know these are correct answers

    123...234... etc
    135...246... etc
    147...258.. etc. and so forh and so forth

    they follow the order 7 5 3 1 = 16, and count for their reverses = 32, then add all the triple numbers (111, 222,333) 32+9 = 41... which i believe was the correct answer

    NOTE i did not answer this question, so feel free to correct me
  14. Feb 1, 2005 #13
    its referring to its side lengths... like the corners... consider this rectangle, it has 4 sides on a plane, then another 4 on a plane, then the 4 "lines" or sides that connect them to create the actual rectangle...

    and if that doenst help, by sides it means lines between two points of vertices of the rectangle...
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    11 (3 digit mean) was E. 45. I think your way misses answers ending in zero: 210, 420, 630, and 840 should account for the difference of four.
  16. Feb 1, 2005 #15
    I cant believe this, on #15 i though it said the radius was 2AC. Nooooooooo!!! :cry: :cry: . Grrr, darn it. Thats one wrong i got for certain. Hessam how did u see the pattern in #11, gj. :smile:
  17. Feb 4, 2005 #16
    the radius one goes like this....
    with x,y,z being the sides






    we are trying to find (1/2x)^2+(1/2y)^2+(1/2z^2)

    so it is equal to 100 and the sqrt of this is equal to 10. radius equals ten.
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