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ANYONE that can help please do!

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    My name is Pablo and I'm 16. I joined this forum for the sole purpose to help me out with physics for a fun proyect-that I can even show all of you-not school-but a private project.

    See, I make games as a hobby. I made a flight simulator. It works 'ok'. But I need realistic physics. So I'm getting rid of all my old work and gonna re-start with the help from you guys.

    Anyway, if you guys will help me-I'll be able to finish it, and show it to you all to see how it came out.

    These should actually be radio-control plane physics-I thought I might mention that. Physics should be the same as full-size plane physiscs, (so dont back out if you dunno about r/c), but the plane might be overpowered and almoust un-stressable. LOL - you R/C flyers, (if there's any of ya), know what I'm talkin' about.

    Anyway, can anyone help? I can show what I got so far, but I'm pretty sure I'll have to re-start...

    Please do not skip this-I've gone crazy trying to figure this out, if you can help-even in the smallest fashion, please do!

    Ok, I though I might show a screenshot to convince ya'all to help me, LOL:

    http://www.urge2kill.com/pics/uploads/flightsim5.jpg [Broken]

    PS: Any R/C flyers here? Please help!!
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    Hi Pabloaiz

    I have designed built and flown many RC planes and held 2nd place in standard class, Legue of Silent Flight in Australia.

    That's a pretty ambitious project if you don't mind me saying.

    One of the problems is that all the aerodynamics texts are going to tell you about conditions of equilibrium. Condition like level flight and constant velocity. Real filght adds enertia and acceleration. Have you thought about how your program is going to handle continually changing flight conditions.

    Calculus or itteration?
    Itteration is probably going to be the easier method.
    Also real and RC aircraft controls are proportional while PC joysticks are either os or off, arn't they?
    Is there some way to get a PC to recognise proportional control?
    If you can't do that, your programme is not going to be very realistic and it sounds like that is your aim.

    There is a very easy to read book "Model aircraft aerodynamics" by Martin Simmons. That is the best starting point I can think of.
    Just take notes as you read and make sure you understand each part before moving on. It is not aimed at University level but covers all the major considerations. Try Airbourne Magazine Australia, that is where I got my copy.
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    reply to Ken

    Hello Ken!!

    Good to know you fly R/C!

    About the joysticks, most joy sticks actually ARE proportional-but that is not the point. As far as 'controlling' goes- You'll be very glad to hear I have an R/C, 7-channel, proportional radio hooked up to my PC and working wonderfully-and interfaces to hook up your controller would be provided to the people if the simulator is to be sold!

    Again, it is great to know you fly R/C planes, and to finally have a reply after 5 days! Thank you! Read on:

    The project IS a little ambitious-that is why I'm also doing it with yet, some other R/C flyers and also some advanced coders to help with programming-So,it's basically a team.

    Let me explain to ya how the program basically works:

    As you know, movements you see on your screen (Such as when you move the mouse around), are actually not movements at all but lots of pictures shown many times per second to give the apperance of movement. The number of images, or 'frames' shown each second to give the appearance of movement is known as FPS, which stands for Frames Per Second.

    Now, on EACH frame, physics calculations would be done. I'm expecting around 100 calculations per second for a realistic flight patter. Dont be dismayed-this is actually low for computers. I have an old computer and the frame rate is very good on it even with the programming so far-so I imagine on more modern computers the FPS should be well over 60, which is great because the human eye cant tell the difference past 25.

    That is how my "program is going to handle continually changing flight conditions."- So basically, my problem is the actual physics. I need many formulas-and the book you tell me about sounds great, but I dont have any $$$. LOL.

    So, if you can help me or are interested-let me know. Best way to contact me would be by e-mailing me at: pabloaiz@yahoo.com .

    One more thing: Even if you cant help, I'd appreciate some knowledge on what models you like/would liike to have or suggest we have in our flight sim. Maybe details on models, maybe even pictures? If that is alright with you-it would be perfect as I think this will turn out a big proyect.

    Thanks again,

    So, anyone else?
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