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Anyone tried lindows or lindash

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    has anyone tried lindows or lindash, as it now in Europe thanks to MS,
    i have read some glowing reports about it, i know it isn't cheap but i
    am used to windows and thought the transition wont be to horrendous,
    i can also buy my new PC with it pre installed.
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    The thing I don't like about lindows is that you have to pay for the click-n-run feature. But if you don't feel confortable installing software either from rpm/tgz/bz2/ whatever and updating yourself, by all means pay for the service. You could also try out SUSE. Their YaST system is supposed to be very good. And their is also Mandrake Linux.

    The good thing about lindows is that they provide alot of scripts that make installing hardware/software and networking easy. If it preinstalled on your computer the better.

    The one thing I should warn you about is to create a non-root user when you first get the computer. If you use the computer as root, bad things can happen!
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    The one thing I should warn you about is to create a non-root user when you first get the computer. If you use the computer as root, bad things can happen!
    problem no 1, i dint know what this means, p 2 is it complicated as
    i am only just literate in computers.
    thanks for help DDURADO it is very much appreciated.
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    Lindows? You're leaving Microsoft Windows for Lindows?

    To tell you honestly, you'll probably be happier with Windows.

    For a commercial product, you're better off with SuSE.

    For an easy Linux distribution, probably Mandrake.
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    Dr Transport

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    The operating system you want depend on your needs. If you want to do some serious programming, try Linux, if your the occasional programmer, stay with Windows. I work in both, I do my really serous stuff on a Unix type box and surf at the house with Windows. My family has no idea about anything but XP, they prefer to stay there, although they quickly became addicted to Tux Racer last week when they played it.
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    A typical thread seen on many of the forums. Like Dagenais said, you wouldn't switch from Windows XP to Linspire (formerly known as Lindows), and pay $$$ (although its cheap). There are other Commercial Linux distributions you would like to consider, ie., SuSE, RedHat WorkStation, and etc., Even if its not a commercial dist. there are plenty you would find useful for what ever purpose you use Linspire for: Fedora, Mandrake. I guess you want to "try" Linspire because you think its the most easiest transition from Windows -> Linux. However, that is wrong. Try, Mandrake, it is as easy as using Windows XP. Nothing much to learn, except a few linux (unix) cmds (which is also required if you're using Linspire). Fedora ain't that bad as well.

    Cheers :)
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    I say if you want to give Linux a go try Gentoo. Gentoo is somewhat of a pain to install, if you go the stage 1(?) route you have to compile and bootstrap the entire system. there are a stage 2 and 3 available which allow you to skip some or all of the complining and bootstrapping (Its been a year since I installed Gentoo so I may have the stages mixed up). I believe Gentoo has a live CD implementation also...

    The reason I recommend going the less travel route is you learn quite a bit about what goes into making a Linux system work. If you go the long hard route with Gentoo (or LFS for that matter) you come out the other end with a fairly well optimized kernel (even the un-initiated can compile a kernel that will be more responsive than some commercial kernels--Mandrake 9.0 comes to mind). Also, you have this sense of satisfaction when your finished.

    Mind you installing Gentoo takes some time. It took 24 hours to download, compile and all the rest on my PII 333 (including X, KDE, and the best desktop environment--Enlightenment), so the install as only a few minutes longer than a fresh XP install (XP zealots calm down it was a joke).

    As far as the easy distros go, Lycoris is another good one IMO. Lycoris still uses an older KDE implementation(2.2.2) but the eye candy is pleasing none the less. Lycoris is also very easy to use and detected and configured my obscure sound card which the only other linux distro to do that on my box was College Linux (I two HD's in my PII 333, one Gentoo, and the other I use to play around with new distros).

    Finally, if you do go with Linspire remember apt-get. Linspire is a Debian derivative and still has the apt-get command available. If you use apt-get you can download apps from the Debian repository instead of from click-n-run. I think Linspire does install a default account and a root account now but don't quote me on this.

    A couple of reviews if your bored:

    Can't forget about distrowatch.

    Or Newsforge.
    http://www.newsforge.com/ [Broken]

    Gentoo docs.

    How to use apt:
    http://bazar.conectiva.com.br/~godoy/apt-howto/how-to-use-apt-get.html [Broken]

    That's about it. Give Gentoo a try. It's more fun than a nail in the head.
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