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Anyone tried PC-BSD yet?

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    I have not used KDE in years. I must say, I am amazed at how well it runs and how configurable it is now. I have been able to make ti look and act EXACTLY like OS X.

    I have mostly been a Linux user for PCs, but I tried this out as an easy way to get FreeBSD on my PC.... wow.

    The system is not jacked up like many Linux distros are. all my networking works out of the box, the system runs smooth (this is in comparison to the current offerings from the big Linux guys). I am impressed.

    The only part that is not so good yet is that the X configuration during set up is done for you and the guessing kind of sucks, so you have to run xorgconfig and enter in the hsync and vrefresh numbers, not hard for a Linux person, and easy to help some one out on.

    related to this, X acts goofy with my PS/2 mouse. It is fine for my USB mouse though.

    oh, and Ports is not installed by default, so you have to go out and set that up on your own to get it working (if you want stuff that the PBI packages do not offer yet)

    I think I have found my New Unixy OS on the PC :-D
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    Ubuntu has done a really good job at detecting and configuring screen settings and other device configurations.
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    I have used Ubuntu, but it just does not seem coherent enough.. just an odd feeling I get.

    besides that, its not BSD, and you can really tell the diff between the Linux kernel and the BSD kernel.
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