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Anyone up for Balancing DIV?

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    DIV is an integer division in programming where you take only the whole number. EG 18 DIV 5 = 3. How do you make 18 subject of the formula? say you have this question:
    a DIV b = c (a)

    Also there is another function which is called MOD which returns the remainder of 2 numbers. EG 18 MOD 5 = 3. The previous question has to do with making *this* 18 subject of the formula (18 MOD 5 = 18-5[18 DIV 5]) so if you can answer this there's no need to answer the previous question.
    a MOD b = c (a)

    10x! :smile:
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    matt grime

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    hmm, 3 mod 5=3, and 18 mod 5 =3. So what makes you think you can invert the formula? Do you simply mean

    x mod y = z is equivalent to y divides x-z, or if you prefer, there is a k such that x+ky=z.
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