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Courses Anyone use MIT Open Courseware?

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    Hey guys,

    I am currently a Physics undergrad student. We have a professor that is more into research, so he isn't the best at teaching the material. Many people are having issues with this specific class due to the professor and we are looking for a way to teach ourselves. I found MIT Open Courseware, which seems to be a good choice. I'm wondering if anyone has used this before or have any other suggestions for some type of guidance.

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    What course is it? That makes a big difference.
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    It's PY 201 listed http://www2.acs.ncsu.edu/reg_records/crs_cat/PY.html [Broken]. It's basically the first physics course for Physics majors at my college, and deals with Calculus-based Newtonian physics. Motion, work/energy, and other basic physics concepts such as that. I personally would be happy with something that goes a little more in-depth though.
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    I'd only use it for additional knowledge, not a substitute for what your professor is teaching since courses can vary from place to place.

    These from Yale might help: http://oyc.yale.edu/physics
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