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Anyone using ramdiskxp?

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    anyone using ramdiskxp? Happy or crap?
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    Ramdisk = Really Slow = Bad

    Ram is cheap nowadays. You can get a 512 MB DDR4000 stick for under $75 USD.
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    Can I install let's say Photoshop in Ram without having a ramdisk?
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    O, I see what your trying to do. Your trying to use your RAM instead of a Hard drive in order to get better proformace. I thought you didn't have enough RAM and wanted to use your hard drive as RAM.

    Yes this is possible, but very impractical. Everytime you reboot the computer you need to install everything into RAM again. This can be time consuming. There are such things as flash RAM that retain the information when the power is cut off, but can be costly. You also need alot of RAM to hold the full photoshop install and anything else you need.

    If you have a big budget to get high proformance flash RAM, then be my guest, but for the home user this is nothing more than a novelty.
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    You dont necessarily need to install it again. What youd want to do is install it to a drive path that is going to be the same as the ramdrive. Then synchronize the ramdrive with the hdd installation. Everytime the computer boots up itll load the ramdrive drivers, then copy everything from the hdd install path to the ramdrive.

    But youd have to change the hdd path after the installation so it wouldnt be the same as the ramdrive.

    Now even better, is if anyone knows of a program that will create a ramdrive before the OS boots?

    I've been told by several programmers that theoretically its possible by hijacking the bootsector/mbr and with all the overclocking sites id think there would have been a program out already that could do it but i have had the hardest time trying to find one through google.
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