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Anyone using the GSL 1300X Furnace by MTI Corp?

  1. Feb 7, 2008 #1
    My lab just bought the GSL1300-40X Desktop Alumina Tube Furnace from MTI recently. This thing has been a total headache to install and operate. The lab manager was totally confused about the wiring. The instructions were obviously written by someone who did not speak English well. Then there was the issue of it using 240V. A Phone call to tech support was no help, because we couldn't understand the guy on the phone."Oh its very easy to use the guy said" Eventually the lab manager figured out the wiring problem.

    Now the issue is the furnaces operation. It will never hold a constant temperature. For example, I set the furnace to heat up to 800 C for 4 minutes in the first time step. Then the 2nd time step was to heat up to 1200 C for another 4 minutes. By the end of the 1st time step, the furnace is already at over close to 1200 C. When it enters the 2nd time step, it is already maxed out at 1200 C. This is the point where the temperature input starts decreasing, as well as the chambers temperature. The current and voltage seems to change alot while operating the furnace. Sometimes we can't even get it to start heating up after inputing the settings.


    I should also add that the key input is a total pain. You can't back up through menu selection and you have to wait for it to time out before you can get back to the main menu to hit start.
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