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Anyone want to join me in on a self-experiment on short-term memory improvement?

  1. Dec 13, 2008 #1
    First read about dual N back:


    So apparently you're not supposed to use any type of strategy to memorize the sequences. It should be automatic; relying on intuition, or I guess you could use the word instincts to see whether you should choose an answer or not. The way I do it is just stare at the dot but still paying attention to the audio and positioning.

    So the tests I will use are these two (if anyone knows of a better short-term memory tester with variations please share!):

    Doing a word-list recall three times: http://lifehacker.com/software/mind-hacks/put-your-short+term-memory-to-the-test-260695.php


    a visual recalling one, taking only about 30 seconds to memorize the photos, then waiting 5 seconds before answering. Keep going until you're stuck at a level (I like to give up after 3 tries): http://bfc.positscience.com/eval/wlr.php

    Web based countdown timer: http://www.online-stopwatch.com/bomb-countdown/full-screen/

    I am 10 days late posting this because I've already done 400 sessions of Dual N Backs in the past 10 days. 20 sessions in the morning and another 20 at night time for 5 days straight, 2 days off. Currently I have seen no improvements in the verbal test. I remember doing the verbal test a long time ago and I could only manage to get 3 or 4 words! (don't laugh :eek: ... errmm or please do lol) And the visual test I've never done in the past.

    Word list recall # of words recalled: 3, 3, 2 Wow something must be wrong with me. I'm 20 years old and got a memory of an 80 year old :(

    Visual recall:

    Level : correct answers
    Lvl 4 : 7, 7, 8
    Lvl 5 : 6, 7, 5

    After you got your results post them here. Then do your Dual N Back routine for at least 20 days, do the memory tests again and quote yourself to see if there were any improvements made. According to the article 4-5 days a week is good. I'm not sure if doing double the recommended sessions is being counterproductive (40 sessions instead of 20 per day).
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