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Anyone watch 24

  1. May 20, 2003 #1
    Anyone watch "24"

    Did anyone see the season finale of 24? WTF?

    Did anyone see the first season? Did the end of the first season mix with the second season? Because now I'm freakin' confused. Why did they end it that way, unless the next season picks right up there?

    Anyone at all? Tell me all you know, I'm confused!
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  3. May 20, 2003 #2
    I'm sorry but...

    I've never heard of that one before tonight. But then I haven't seen the first Matrix movie either, and was informed it has been out for something like four years now!
    ...I could have sworn I had seen advertisements for it only a few months ago, oh boy!
  4. May 21, 2003 #3
    Are you talking about the finale of the first season? I know it's somewhere near the last few of the second in the US. Half-way through the second here - it's one of the best new things in the last few years without doubt. Second series has a new plot, a new main storyline. Life goes on for Jack :wink:
    edit: LogicalAtheist, you're probably talking about the second series, so I'm going to stay out the thread to avoid spoilers :smile:
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  5. May 21, 2003 #4
    I won't tell any spoilers. What I wondered was if the first season had the same characters and all. I never knew but now I do.

    So knowing that the end of the second is ok with me. I just thought that if it was the end of the "story" it was well, jesus almost pointless.

    I'm not talking about the outcome, I mean literally just the independant last 30 seconds. There's something that happens in the very last couple of seconds which is so dammed profound.

    But now I get it - next season will begin there. Cool. So I look forward to seeing it next season!
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