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News Anyone watch john Stossels special Politically Incorrect Guide To Politics?

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    I thought it was very refreshing alternative to tv programs that hyped up the presidential election and tv talk shows hosts that argue why there presidential candidate will make life easier for Americans. This special does a good job comparing the promises politicians actually make vs. the promises politicians actually delivered, .From watching this special , I see that new promises Barack obama and john mccain are making like creating complete energy dependence, lower taxes, and eradicating wasteful government programs have been promises presidents have been making for decades! It's as if Obama and Mccain have been studying the speeches of past presidents.. Great special , maybe it will get an emmy . its on youtube

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    Well this is nothing new. I am always sickened by the things candidates need to say to get elected. Things like gay marriage. It is my gut feelings both candidates don't give a rats #ss. However you can't say that because you won't get elected. There is a whole laundry list of things like that.
    This is why I think you should vote for the candidate that you think will align best with your philosophy rather than holding them responsible for every tiny little promise.
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    But many of the candidates will say they hold these moral beliefs and never actually practice any of these moral beliefs. Palin is against teaching sex education and is against premarital sex, yet has a daughter who is underage about to have a child. Bush is supposedly a firm believer of a marriage between a man and a women and made promises to pass an amendment that will make same sex marriage illegal; I have yet to see that amendment. I don't think presidents make tiny promises; I think they may gargantuan promises they never actually fulfill once they are elected and problems seemed to worsen each year just like the 20/20 tv Special said. I think they should make promises that they could actually can as president delievered according to what powers are given to the president according to the Constitution. Barack Obama and John Mccain are saying that they can lower taxes for certain demographics in this country, they are speaking as if they have the power to create laws; But in reality, the Constitution says that the president can only make sure certain laws are carried out properly and they can passed certain laws ; and if the president veto's a certain bill, congress has to power to override that bill, with 2/3 vote by congress. Even Ron Paul is guilty of making promises he cannot possibly delivered because the constitution limits his powers.
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