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Anyone watch Melancholia?

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    Watched it a few nights ago and still thinking about it


    First part of the movie is super slow and has no sci-fi in it. However the second part is much more interesting. Certainly lots to think about and examine in the end. Very haunting. My mind is really confused what to ultimately think of the movie.
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    Even though I watched the ending part of it (from the part where the horses calmed down, it was probably the last half hour), I can say that I find it really interesting, the film had an unusual atmospherical mood. I liked the architecture of the manor.
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    Buzz Bloom

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    Hi Greg:

    I found the psychology of the characters reasonably realistic, and the plot premise entertaining. However, although it has been quite since I saw it, and I don't remember the details, as I remember it I thought the physics regarding the "new planet" was completely illogical.

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    I found it a powerful and haunting meditation on the experience of hope, fear, courage and depression
    The two sisters Claire? and Justine? - the things that relate them. Beautifully filmed with strong performances IMO.
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    I don't think I would watch Melancholia again. I've seen it all once and parts twice. But it's a hard one...

    This one is more fun... and I think get's into some interesting science :biggrin:

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