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Anything positive on physics?

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    Lot of people are telling negative sides career as a physicist, But it physics really in such a bad position? I had a wish to research on high energy physics(particle) . Now i am undergraduate student student of physics major. Should i change field at graduate study? or take risk?

    If i change field which should be good for usa or canada?

    But if you are optimistic about physics then say... I don't need much much money. Just own home own car and a smooth life..
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    It seems like you've been attacked by those few comments made by nebuqalia in the following thread:https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?p=1647403

    Don't worry, careers related with physics aren't in a bad condition. You should not change your major because of few discouraging comments.
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    Yes you are right. Not only nebuqlia.. also other people..I am just reading ... i did not post anything there..here... thaks for encouraging ...
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    The reason you only see negatives is because a lot of us already decided on becoming physicists and know the good to expect: challenging, but fun, job, furthering mankind's knowledge, prestige of having a Ph.D., whatever. All of that stuff is cool. We just need a reality check that it's not all bubble gum and roses.

    However, if you think about it, no job is, so if you can't imagine doing anything other than physics, what's the point of thinking about the negatives? You'll deal with them, just like everybody else does.
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