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AOL dialer

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    I've heard of a program that comes with aol called aol dialer or something like that. From what I hear, this program comes with aol and allows you to dial up without using aols ****ty software.
    I want to use the dialer to get internet connectivity and use opera as a browser (which I am using right now with aol running in the background). I can't find the program for the dialer and am curious what it's called exactly.
    anyone know?
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    When I was forced into AO-Hell because my wife liked it, I would simply start AOL and get access. Once you have a connection, start up your other browser and just minimize AOL. Maybe that's not what you were looking for though.
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    Windows comes with a phone dialer. Why do you have AOL in the first place? Do you like paying more for the same stuff?
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    I absolutely hate AOL. I currently minimize AOL on connection then use Opera as a browser. I just don't want to run aol's software at all other than for the connection to a dial up server. If I had my way, it'd be cable internet, but broadband won't be available in my area for a couple more years. It's my pc illiterate parents choice to have aol and I haven't found much better in the way of dial up. Just slightly better and a bit cheaper (which is still worth the switch).
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    The internet is the internet. AOL is probably charging you more than $20 a month when you could be paying $10 or less for the same thing. Here is a place where you can get 56k for only $6.50 a month:

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    thank you dduardo. I've looked over the site and it looks good. I'm going to show my parents and see if they like it.
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    if you don't have cable/dsl available get earthlink
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