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AP Bio Final

  1. May 28, 2009 #1
    I got an 85 on my AP Bio Final! Wohoo
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    Congrats. Are you planning on taking the AP exam too? If so, good luck!
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    Nice job, binzing :approve: !
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    Thanks you two.

    No, I was signed up to take it back earlier this month but I decided not to.
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    why? it wont hurt you... and college credit.... considering i assume you are a senior (since that is when must people take it) and you have received your admissions
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    Why not? Because it wasn't my money ($86 to take it), my teacher was covering for me, albeit with left over school money and I didn't feel like I could pass it, and so didn't want to waste it.

    I'm a sophomore, wait, school got out today, so you could call me a junior.
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