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AP Biology or AP Chemistry

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    Completed Honor Biology in June and doing Chemistry in summer school. Can do only one science class in the fall. AP Biology or AP Chemistry this fall, which one? Thanks for your help.
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    I assume you have seen the topic outlines of what each course (or atleast the AP test) covers?
    Does one seem to appeal to your interests over the other?

    If you have future plans on perusing more advanced biology classes [or any real science for that matter] (for example, university level), the AP chemistry would be good to have I know, but I have no idea about biology past 9th grade.

    In my own personal opinion, it is a choice of the lesser of two evils, biology or chemistry. I would lean towards chemistry.
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    1) Having experience in both courses, I would definitely suggest AP Chemistry over AP Biology.

    2) Though, mrjeffy321, why is chemistry "the lesser of two evils" ? Moreover, how are chemistry and biology "evils" ?
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    my would suggest the chem also. As my chem prof would alway say that chem is the tool for understanding biology so it best to learn chem since after that you will have a better grasp of biology.
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