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Homework Help: AP Biology Plant Questions

  1. Apr 3, 2009 #1
    I have 3 biology questions that I don't know the answer to...I have guesses on some of them, but I want to make sure of it before I hand in the questions to my teacher. I think 1 is B. For 2, I know that vascular cambia are found in gymnosperms and dicots. I'm not sure at all about 3.

    1) All of the following are factors in the movement of water through a plant except...
    a) hydrogen bonds linking water molecules
    b) the influence of plant hormones on cell expansion
    c) capillary action
    d) root pressure
    e) evaporation of water from the leaves

    2) In which of the following is a vascular cambium most likely to be found?
    a) herbaceous dicots only
    b) woody dicots only
    c) monocots only
    d) herbaceous and woody dicots
    e) monocots and herbaceous dicots

    3) Which developmental process transforms a fertilized egg into a plant?
    a) growth
    b) morphogenesis
    c) cellular differentiation
    d) only a and c are correct
    e) a,b, and c are correct
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