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AP Biology Project

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    My biology teacher has assigned us a post-AP project that must involve service to the community and science in some way. My group has decided to do a "science camp" over the summer with disadvantaged elementary and middle school children. We will attend summer programs for these kids and give science presentations and allow them to do some simple experiments. Do any of you have any basic, inexpensive ideas for a science experiment that these kids probably haven't seen before? Thank you.
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    Between the four of us we have about $100 saved up. However, we might be able to raise more money.
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    Do you present to them in smaller age groups, or all of them at once? It's easier to come up with ideas for kids in just the younger grades or just middle school than topics that will interest them for all those ages. The younger kids will likely be awed by almost anything you do, but the older kids may have seen those simpler demos before (though, maybe not...if they are disadvantaged students, the implication may be that they have had limited exposure to good science education).
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    Any students who are interested from the program (it's like a shelter for abused kids) will be welcome.
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    There are some cool demonstrations you can do such as making thermite but you wouldn't want the kids to try that by themselves. There's also things like non-newtonian fluids (technically only need corn starch), mentos and diet coke. If you have access to liquid nitrogen you can do some easy demonstrations with electricity (in fact there are a ton of cool demonstrations you can do if you have access to basic scientific electrical equipment (perhaps from your school lab) like and output generator). But those are all demonstrations (and related to physics). As for 'experiments' that they could do that only need cheap materials I'd have to think. Unfortunately if you're looking for bio experiments you're A) probably on the wrong forum and B) I don't know if there really are any that are easy, cheap and that little kids will get a kick out of. To do that you generally want to make something explode, go really fast, or do something seemingly 'magical'.
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