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AP books

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    I'm taking the AP class on calculus AB, and I want to order a book. Anyone would recommend one?
    I think the Princeton Review is the best one, but the Kaplan's and Barron's seems good too, so any opinion would help.

    Also I'm taking AP macroeconomics. I know this is not a a topic that people from here read often, but I have the same doubt, Princeton or others?

    Thanks in advance.
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    For APs and SAT Subject Tests, Barron's is the best, bar none (although I prefer Princeton Review for SAT Reasoning).

    Having just taken AP Calc AB, I highly recommend the Barron's text. It's not the only reason I got a 5, but it sure helped.

    On a side note, SparkNotes makes a very nice Calc Reference sheet with ALL the formulas you'll ever need for Calc AB. BUT, I strongly advise against those SparkNotes Power Packs, they don't do what they claim to do and are somewhat disorganized (although the little study index cards are cool, the entire package isn't worth it).

    And good luck! AP Calc is a lot of fun :smile:.
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