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Homework Help: Ap calc AB problems

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    I have been having trouble with this kind of problem lately and I need to know if what I have done here is right (calculator problem but I have not evaluated anything yet):

    Let R be the region bounded by the y-axis and the graphs of

    [tex]y=\frac{x^3}{1+x^2}[/tex] and


    a) Find the area of R
    b) Find the volume of the solid generated when R is revolved about the x-axis
    c)The region R is the base of a solid. For this solid, each cross section parallel to the x-axis is a square. Find the volume of this solid.

    a=point of intersection of the two graphs



    [tex]\pi \int_0^a(4-2x-\frac{x^3}{1+x^2})^2dx[/tex]
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    there shouldn't be a [itex]\pi[/itex] in front of the integral on letter c.

    everything else is fine
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